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Longshot Farm


Our story

It was a passing conversation that led us here. Turning a three acre plot of land into market gardens with relatively little experience. I floated the idea of a farm by Sean and it quickly snowballed into a haphazard plan that we live everyday.

When I found out I was pregnant with Simon it made me think more seriously about how I wanted to raise a young family and being involved and educated about where food came from was paramount. We are a farm that uses no sprays and organic methods with a focus on soil health to produce healthy crops. 
In an ever growing global community it becomes easy to lose track of eating well. Sean and I want to grow food for our own Ontario pantry, year round, and want to extend that drive to your family.

We are part of a growing movement of young people moving back to the land and striving to make a connection between people and their food. That move back to the land supports small business, traceability, community and healthful food, from the soil up.  

—Kind words—

Saba - Aurora, On 

"As long as I have known JJ she has shown her kindness and love through feeding her friends. Now with Sean by her side their commitment to good food proceeds. With Longshot Farm they can feed you too! The amount love and commitment that goes into growing and filling the baskets is unprecedented and shows in the fresh and delicious veggies that leaves the farm. I can’t wait for this year’s yeild."

Chiedza - Toronto, On

"I grew up in a place where "farm to table" was the norm and then for a good fifteen years, living in Toronto I no longer had access to this. The first time I received a basket from JJ and Sean, it was like returning back home. The freshness was unbeatable. I can still taste the spice in the radishes from last summer that they delivered to my door."