About us

A longshot is just a wish you say yes to.


Sean Shannon

Sean grew up in the Ottawa valley in Waba, next to open roads and farms. At the ripe age of fourteen, he got his first kitchen job in the eternally missed Castlegarth in White Lake. Spending that much time under the tutelage of Matthew and Jenn created the foundation of Sean's skill and passion in the kitchen. When he moved to Toronto, he became the wholesale manager at Hooked, an ethical and sustainable fishmonger in Leslieville. It was in the back of Hooked in 2015 where he met JJ, elbow deep on her first day scaling and gutting fish. They got married in 2017. 


JJ Davis

JJ grew up in downtown Toronto in the Riverdale area and spent her twenties in the art and academic world at OCAD University. After OCAD U, she began to pursue her interest in food. That is when she wandered into Hooked hoping for a conversation and left with a job. She worked at Hooked with Sean until she became pregnant with Simon and moved to Hamilton to start Longshot Farm. 


Simon Shannon

Simon is a bundle of energy and is happiest knee deep in dirt or running with his eyes closed. He’s a happy kid.