We had an idea we said 'yes' to


24 Concessoin 6 East
Hamilton, Ont


In 2016, I asked Sean, my now husband, what he thought about buying a farm. At the time, we were both happy fishmongers working at Hooked, a sustainable fish shop in Toronto, and we had just started to dream up what we wanted our lives to look like. A couple days after that passing conversation, I found Sean casually looking up farm properties which quickly led to viewing properties and then purchasing our little house that sat on three acres of sunny grass. We spent 2017 welcoming our baby boy Simon into our lives and converting a small chunk of land into garden. 

    We called our farm Longshot because that is what it is all about for us. A long shot. And when you take a chance on a longshot and it succeeds, it is that much sweeter. Sean grew up in the Ottawa valley and has more experience with crop cultivation than I, having spent my twenties in Toronto’s art and academic world, but we are equal partners in learning by doing and devouring all we can learn about how to grow food organically. Sean grew up working in farmers’ fields and restaurant kitchens, and I have been an avid lover of food, in all shapes and textures, for years. We want to take a chance on growing produce for our young family and extend our drive to feed others.

Sean and I agreed to be a team on our wedding day and that partnership extends into managing our new business. We are part of a growing movement of young people moving back to the land and striving to make a connection between people and their food. That move back to the land supports accountability, small business, community and healthful food, from the soil up.